Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Curry is PoWAR!

It has been a long time since i blog, a fairly long time since Eyeshield 21 ended. Turns out, ES21 was abruptly canceled, due to declining popularity. In any case, I was still faily satisfied with ES21's ending.

Weeks without any news, or any work by ES21's author and illustrator slowly and gradually turn into months...

Until now!

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credits to Franky House Scanlations team for translating this manga. Visit http://franky-house.com/ for more of their works.

Murata Yuusuke, ES21's illustrator, has created a oneshot manga called Blust!, showcasing his brilliant artstyle humbly and diligently honed during his Eyeshield days, a storyline involving curries with a decent amount of comedy in between.

Do check out this oneshot manga, and here's hoping to a brand new work by Murata-sensei!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Right, the title is totally not related to this post. Now, let's get down to business!

See this? The picture is self-explanatory! Cute girl in kimono, what's not to like? No karseng, ini bukan jeja....

In actual fact, this is an event by the esteemed Taylor Uni Coll, aptly name Taylor's Asaban Fest.

Broken down into two sections, Day and Night, which caters to different cultures of Japan, the event would no doubt please whoever that attends it!

I'm tired, and lazy, so click on the image and go to the link provided for more info. You can even read [A]valanche's take on this. Or better yet, just attend the said event and you'll chance upon the experience of a lifetime!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Korean melon, 참외

well, short post for the day~...XD

once upon a time, i was browsing some random blogs with my korean friend and i was super shocked when i saw this ....

1stly, i don't think any Malaysian will try to buy this . Malaysian motto is always 'cheap'. Any fruits that is sold more than rm50 , i don't think anyone will want to try , even out of curiousity.

2ndly, it cost only 3000 won for bout....let see....for 5? if you're lucky, you might get 8.
roughly convert to rm also rm 9 ? and they sell it rm 150~~~~while honeydew taste way better than it~

FYI, it just taste exactly like honeydew, infact it taste less delicious.

Friday, August 21, 2009

~let's eat, 먹자~

well, since i don't really know what to blog about my life here, let play jalan-jalan cari makan once in a while . What do you think? ^^ ( i dont want to hear a -ve view as an answer , thank you) . I'll intro to you guys what's nice to eat around here ( or what you die also don't ever try to eat..hahha....but this do exist........eg dog's meat)

so, the 1st dish that i wanted to intro is.............보쌈( bo -ssam) .

its located somewhere nearby my university.
the interior of this place is quite pretty isn't it?...^^. Without my 2nd ikemi, i actually wont every come to this kind of place , afraid it will cost me a fortune

this is the main dish!!..bo-ssam..... well..its actually , kimchi ( this plate have white kimchi, they have red kimchi too) . the pork will be eaten with the kimchi ( dibalut)

this is call 반잔( ban-chan) ....aka side dishes. In korea, u go each and every restauran ( including pasta, pizza and chicken restorants), they will have these side dishes. The type that they guarantee have -->kimchi. = =. Others , depending on the restaurant itself what they want to serve. well, this side dishes, we can actually refill it numerous times for free. Its and advantage for those who is very poor and have big appetite ( in 1 condition, they must like vegetable very much) .

honestly, i dislike eating kimchi. But since my Korean friend with her sincere intention to bring me to try nice dishes around korea, i cant say no rite. But it turn out pretty nice . Since it is eaten wrapped with the pork meat, the combination blend in pretty well ( as the kimchi taste is not so strong anymore). In the end, i end up liking it pretty much ( but i still dislike single ban-chan kimchi...kimchi with other thing its fine)
Anyway, saw the red-ish red bean like rice?. apparently, korean treat those rice as healthy rice. When i eat in my cafeteria, they like to combine their rice with barley, red bean n etc. Very healthy huh. Luckily, it doesn't taste bad . ^^ . It actually give u the feeling that 'oh, im eating healthily now')

that's all for now, i'll post more on food next time ( if i remember to bring my camera out all the time ..><~)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

~camp camp~

It's been a long time since i've updated , sorry ~
I've been pretty busy lately. You all must be wondering what will i be busy about, since my korean class is just 4 hours, and my japanese class is 1 hour. Last time, i though i would have a hell lot of time for myself, but it turn out the opposite. Instead, i felt like i'm having more time in SABS though schooling time is double. Maybe that's how a life away from family felt like .

Well, recently, i came back from UNESCO camp. Its a joint cultural awareness camp where bout 13 foreigners are invited to mixed with some local kids from middle and high school.
Overall its fun but very tiring ^^. But it gave me a chance, to view another part of korea, where i can know how the life as a school student there, how they act, how they interact.

And i would say their eagerness to participate and being all sporting about it amused me. Unlike in malaysia, do you remember those times we need to dig out volenteers to perform, or to do something interesting on stage? Either we use positition or respoinsibility as a threat, or else, nobody will perform anything. Well, there's a part in the camp where we need to teach our group member how to sing foreign song. Since my group, i have another partner from India, we choose to sing indian song ( cz malay song is being handled by my another friend from another group) . Instead teaching them, they themselves being very proactive, memorized the lyrics themselves, and even create dance steps for that. ( even my indian friend dont even know how to dance indian dance)

But there's something very strange. Their camp fire. Well, they do name it as camp fire, they have fire but strangely we dont circle the bon fire. instead, their camp fire end up like a performance nite. there's a stage, and all school represantative performed and they held some mini contest from time to time . Well, korean arent be famous for being entertainer for nothing rite? even those kids in middle school are dancing the same beat to those appeared on tv. Well and their teacher are very supportive at it ( in malaysia, i think the teacher will blow their heads out and banned us from doing anything so outragous )

Well , there's a difference in culture i think , they even have this game where guy must held a girl as long as possible, while doing various task ( like jumping on 1 leg) . Hahaha too bad my group cant last to the end..><~
Well, since its summer, there's always something related to water ^^ Pool time. Well, it started with some competition where 3 guys below need to carry 1 person up there. And the person being carried need to snatch a cap from another group. Its a very violent game to watch , fun nevertheless .
On 1 nite, they we having this folk dance. Hahaha, Everyone gather in a circle. Then while dancing, they will change partner. Hahaha its fun, i like how they chorograph the dance until everyone can change and change partner . But then, its too long ><~ Doing that for bout 1-2 hours, i'm already starting to to soak in sweat.

There's also cultural educaion going on .From there, they told us things about bowing, how to put own hand on what occasion etc. The most troublesome thing is, their degree of bowing. they have ranges from 90 degree , 45 ,30,15 ,10, 5 degree bow. T.T They also have a short marriage ceremony act. Well,hanbok wored by foreigners, the bride ended up looking very pretty ( she's from mongolia) . and the bridgeroom from china XD. and his girlfriend is somewhere among those spectators. XD
There's also another event where we brought our traditional clothes and let those kids wear. haha, then they need to performe some short act in that, followed by proprosal . Very entertaining. And my group won ^^. Girl wearing kebaya shirt, and the guy ( imposed by a girl) wearing a dhoti. XD

Ohya, own country introduction . haha, we and maza( my roommate) was trying our best to intro our country in Korean.
Though this camp is only 3 days 2 nites, we really got along well with them , my groupmates exspecially. Thinking to resume my daily routine life makes me dont feel like going home either. Thats all for now ^^

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Farewell Eyeshield 21!!

These few days, I felt like I've kicked around here and there, yup, just like a goddamn ball. Sigh? I don't even know what emotion should I be displaying now. Is it one of regret? thankful? grateful? shy (impossible xD)? or others? Hm...

Sorry for digressing away from topic. In actual fact, this post is all about Eyeshield 21(manga). Any decent fan would have known by now, Eyeshield 21 has just recently concluded its ard...6-7 years of running.

And what a good 6-7 years it has been! I've turned from someone who is ignorant of the difference between American football and rugby, to someone who at least know some of their difference. =)

Of course, the manga only shows only a few difference between those two, but for those who are curious, u can just query wikipedia and google.

Onto the main point. Eyeshield 21 has been exceptionallly good for the past few months, so good that every single week, I would be craving for more ES rather than the too-long-for-its-own-good Naruto and turning-rather-boring Bleach. Not only does Eyeshield 21 has pace and action, it has has a huge dose of comedy and laughter, a perfect blend in my opinion.

It even has great artwork thanks to the hardwork of Yusuke Murata-sensei and his team of staffs. All the characters in the manga are drawn in such a way that they can easily be identified and differentiated from one another. Though I do admit, the artwork may be pleasing to the eyes(at least for me), but early on in the series, the artwork is of inferior quality compared to the latter part of the manga. It's still quite good, but the artwork really picks of starting from around...volume 3?

The storyline is quite typical, akin to that of a sports shonen manga - Weak boy who is always bullied enters a club, gets stronger and stronger while meeting new friends and foes. Yes, it is that predictable, but that is only for the overall plot. The story itself is full of surprises and laugh-out-loud moments! With a cast of small-sized boy with speed beyond his peers, demonic yet intelligent strategist, kind-hearted "fatty", cute girl who desires to "protect" the main hero, and a monkey, the story is engaging and appealing. Kudos to Riichiro Inagaki-sensei for creating such a nice cast and plot.

My favourite character in the story is the tricky, devilish Yoichi Hiruma. He beats the main character, Kobayakawa Sena hand down simply because he's such a bad-ass devil - though he is actually quite caring inside.

Seriously, this guy is l33t! Although he has no special ability, and his athletism is average for his age, he makes up for it through his hard work(not shown in manga) and cunning ability to predict opponent's strategy(shown a few times in the manga) and to trick his way to victory(shown countless of times, throughout the game).

I would like to say more, but the best things should be enjoyed yourselves. I won't be so insensitive as to spoil your Eyeshield 21 experience. =x

All in all, Eyeshield 21 has been a huge part of my life for the paw few years, and it was kinda sad to see it finally end. But hey, at least they end it at a high point, making this manga absolutely phenomenal, rather than follow Naruto's and Bleach's doomed path which is to drag and drag the manga till it is no longer as interesting as it used to be.

Thanks ES21, it has been a wonderful journey with you. Lastly, I wish Yusuke Murata-sensei and Riichiro Inagaki-sensei the best, and hopefully they collaborate on other manga in the near future!